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Platinum Labware

Laboratory equipment, platinum gauze, before repairing Laboratory equipment, platinum gauze, after repairing

The Labor-Platina Ltd. in Hungary (EU) repairs, remoulds industrial platinum elements, furnace coatings, stirrers, laboratory equipments, labware, crucibles, electrodes made of platinum, for the industry and laboratories.

Dear customer!

This description lists the general cases of repairs, helps to calculate the price for repairs, and shows the possiblities of repairing. Only a correct analyse can show us, which repairing can help. This analyse we can do after the delivery to our company. This analyse is free of any charges.
Repairs are usually preventable, if we pay attention to our Handling Guide.

Repairs becomes necessary if:

In the first case, if the deformation yet is not too extreme, often it is enough to remould it. In this case the material demand is minimal and a good result can be reached. So it is recommended to repair a still in use Labware in time, when it is only slightly deformed, because so its service life could be prolonged.
In that case, if the crucible's deformation, is not remouldable (crumpled, flatten or torn), there is the possibility to remelt and to reproduce this Labware by using its own material. Here we have to calculate with a much higher loss of material, which must be add to the reproduction again, so this increases the price of the repairing.

In the case of a perforation, it is possible to tinker the Labware, perhaps a new base could be prepared. The efficiency of patching is quite good, because on the given place the thickness of the plate not too much, but grows. After such a manipulation, of course, the Labware gets a partial remoulding, so that practically the repairing does not effects disturbing bulgings on the wall of the Labware. Because this procedure does not go with much material supplement, this is an economical and effective repairing method. Unfortunately when the Labware's perforation was caused by becoming alloyed this procedure does not mean a solution.

If Labware becomes polluted, as much as it could not be cleaned, the possibility is the already above described reproduction by remelting and reusing itself's material, because at higher temperatures usually the pollution is burning out of the alloy, and so the material become useable again.

The alloying of the Labware with other substances unfortunately results, that the Labware and its material itself becomes useless, so the repairing of the Labware becomes impossible.
In that case we can offer a customer friendly solution, we buy the polluted platinum Labware or its rest and ascribe it into the price of the production of a new Labware.

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