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for goldsmiths
and jewelers

Empty casting mould Melting of Platinum in a casting mould

For goldsmiths, jewelers and other clients working with precious metals we provide the following services:

  1. Melting and moulding into casting moulds of any kind of precious metals. The maximum weight for melting and moulding of one unit is between 1000 and 1300 grams, depending on the material. The melting process can be done in hydrogen, in an electric furnace, in a smelter generator, in vacuum, in protective gas, or with air
  2. Primary rolling of square profile ingots, bars from 20x20 mm to 1x1 mm
  3. Cold and warm mechanical forging of through us melted and moulded precious metal ingots, in order to improve the material's crystalstructure and workability
  4. Producing Wires of near any diameters made of any precious metal, using multi-phase mechanical drawing-out, on diamond tensile facings, with mechanical winding. The annealing in the right time of wires guarantees our tube-annealing-furnace. The smallest diameter of wire, which can be produced is 0.05 mm. The material amount of a unit drawn-out for one time is between 0 and maximum 1500 grams
  5. Producing Sheets made of any precious metal. The largest laminateable width: 260 mm. The finest plate thinness, depending on the material is 0.1 mm
  6. Cutting out sheets made of any precious metal, circular cutting, spot-welding, turning, surfacing, boring and making other operations professionally with, professional tools and professional machines